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Violence in Ukraine is a CIA backed coup

Even before U.S. envoy Victoria Nuland let the coup plans slip, many of us who have come to see the United States as the evil empire of Free Market globalization had our doubts about the apparent revolution in the Ukraine.

Naomi Klein would call this Disaster Capitalism while others would refer to this process of intentional destabilization of countries economically to benefit international financiers, as the Hegelian dialectic at work.

The first stage (thesis) is to create an economic problem. In America this has taken the form of tax cuts for the wealthy while increasing spending dramatically for the military budget in preparation for the endless warfare to come.

The second stage (antithesis) is the creation of faux grass roots opposition through the skillful use of lies to create fear, panic, and hysteria. You could look at the Koch's creation of their faux populist Tea Party as an American manifestation of this process.

Finally, the third stage (synthesis) is the proposal of solutions that would not be accepted by the people without the first two stages occurring.

The messiest form of this was the Salvador Allende coup September 11, 1973 in Chile. It required the installation of a brutal dictator, Augusto Pinochet and the disappearance of thousands of potential dissenters, such as labor organizers and intellectuals to install this first Free Market experiment.

Today it is all accomplished through national debt slavery the same way corporate America has driven back individual Americans wages to make us all debt slaves on the global plantation made fearful of consequences if we don't work three minimum wage jobs just to try to make up what should have been in our paychecks to start with.

The IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO are the means of the latest form of intentional destabilization. Remember that the current Ukrainian crisis began when the president of the Ukraine refused to sign a treaty to join the EU.

Because so many countries do not control their own currency it is easy through the IMF and World bank set of privatized bankers to use currency as the means of debt enslavement. Remember that bankers are dying because of foreign exchange fraud which may very well have a connection because the IMF has become a tool of international finance not the bank to help developing nations get the loans and currency they needed to modernize as Keynes had intended.

From all appearances the EU is economically failing because of austerity policies that have placed to much wealth in too few hands. The EU needs the Ukraine as a fresh economic corpse to feed off of. The IMF, World Bank, WTO solution is as it always has been a marketplace totally open for exploitation and manipulation by the international Banksters.

This would involve the vampire capitalist economics of tax cuts for the rich, deregulation and privatization of all government holdings. The result is an Orwellian economics with a few incredibly wealthy people and mass poverty, debt and degradation for the rest of us.

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