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Violence In The Ukraine

Violence In The Ukraine
Violence In The Ukraine

Pro Russian forces have taken to the streets of Kiev and other cities to demonstrate and take over buildings to acknowledge their allegiance to Russia. Some of the protests have become violent and some demonstrators were taken to the hospital. Is this the final push by Russia to take over the rest of the Ukraine? Only time will tell, but we can say this that Russia did this same thing in the Crimea before they took over that section of the Ukraine.

The world right now is simply waiting to see what happens. The United States and Europe have not said one word about the demonstrations yet, but you know they are watching. Unfortunately they are not willing to put forces on the ground per se but they do have them ready and waiting.

Putin has said that he was not going to enter the western Ukraine but that he would look after Russia interests. Which basically means that it will look after whatever it wants. There is no defined terms as to what is Russian interests.

On the lighter side Putin finally got divorced from his wife. Which means at the age of 61 he is out there on the market for any woman interested in getting into a relationship with him. Lately he has been hanging out with the boys, Generals and such.

As to what is going to happen next in the Ukraine, it's anybodies guess. The world has seen this tactic before and will probably see some incursion into the Ukraine. I mean seriously what do you do with 50-80,000 troops on the border between the Ukraine and the Crimea, play poker.

Mr. Putin you want to push, go ahead. Sooner or later someone will push back and I'm afraid you will not like the consequences. So Mr. Putin worry about yourself and not of people who truthfully don't give a crap about you.