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Violence is never ok, despite who is initiating it

Domestic violence whether initiated by a man or a woman is wrong and should be an act that we as a society denounce completely. No one should ever think it is ok or alright to put their hand on another individual, causing bodily harm and danger. Just a simple act of aggression and anger can instantly turn deadly, even leading to a person being harmed long term or death, in fact especially the psychology trauma and post-traumatic stress that comes along with the act. Therefore the bottom line, keep the golden rule and treat others as you would like to be treated.

The topic of domestic violence
The topic of domestic violence
Violence is not the answer

Earlier this year as we all may be aware of, Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens got himself in trouble, a domestic situation. He was caught on camera physically abusing his spouse, in that sources and her own word of mouth accounts stating, she stroke Rice first, which caused him to more than likely blank out losing his cool and becoming the abuser that we witness him become on camera. What a terrible site for she and Rice, in that the young man have kept a squeaky clean record by life and league standards up to that point. No excuses however for his actions, with wrong being, and violence being a no-no.

Just recently covering the story on ESPN First Take, Stephen A. Smith a reporter for the network voice his opinion, not condoning the act of Rice but merely saying in so many words that women sometime provoke men to hitting them by initiating the voice, often times striking their male counterpart first is true in so many sense but still does not make it right for a physical specimen as a man to strike a woman. If you ever dated or been in a serious relationship with an aggressive female spouse, the chances are if you cheated on her or made her angry, she may elect to strike you physically based on her aggressive instincts. This was all Smith try to express but got reprimanded by ESPN. Double standards by women, a good number of people are saying, I'm that women want equal rights as man but at same time want to remain in the woman zone, playing the gender card, when a woman physically abuses a man first and he uses poor discretion and strike back second. To solve the issue at hand both male and female be sensible as sound humans and keep your hands to yourself as pre-school children are taught to do.