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Violence but not from Tea Party


In uncertain times, people try to make sense of situations that are difficult and enduring, like the financial meltdown and high numbers of unemployment that continue today. Sometimes people band together to make their voices heard especially when they have grave concerns like government spending in a fragile and wounded economy.

Shortly after the financial meltdown in the fall of 2008, the IMF warned that violence could erupt from the economic downturn. We didn't see that level of violence but the unrest and uncertainty remained high.

A few months later, DHS targeted right wing ideology as possible extemists. When national Tea Parties began, liberal news media painted the Tea Party attendees as racist and extremeists. Yet Tea Parties have been peaceful without violence.

Headline news violence has hit our nation several times in the past several months, with the Fort Hood shooter, the underwear bomber, the professor who shot three of her colleagues, the man who flew his airplance into a building that housed IRS personnel, and just a few days ago, the guy who parked his bomb laden van in NYC.

On the first of May violence broke out in Santa cruz and other hot spots a week after Arizona passed a state version of the immigration bill.  None were Tea Partiers.

May Day rally

Photo from Hot Air

Hot Air gives us the recap.

Let’s do a quick recap. Tea Parties have been held in various locations for well over a year, and none of them has turned violent at all. Arizona passes an immigration law a week ago, and already we’ve had one Leftist demonstration result in violence, calls for the overthrow of the US, and rioting.

Will the same hyperventilating media that sees a militia in every Tea Party make the same broad-stroke analysis of the open-borders Left after a real show of violence and demands for revolution? Don’t hold your breath.

Update: Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee says it wasn’t just Santa Cruz, either, but also Asheville, NC. The Boss Emeritus finds another in San Francisco. She also finds a Univision reporter participating in a protest he was covering. Will Univision suspend the reporter as KOTA did Shad Olson? "

What did we learn from the hype and outlandish Tea Party smears?

Some of us learned that violence can come from a number of sources, but it generally does not come from mom, pop, grandma and grandpa making their voices heard on the mainstreets of the United States of America. They go home to families not to oversea flights to evade authorities.


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