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Vintage Print Ads: How Sanderson's Home Decor Brand Appealed To The 'Me Decade'

Sanderson is an English interior design and decorating company. It is the oldest surviving English brand in its field. The Sanderson brand is known for its coordinated fabric and wallpapers.

Sanderson Vintage Print Ads
Diana Rigg print ad for Sanderson

In the 1970's, Sanderson's print ads included a series featuring some famous Brits and one Swedish Britt (Ekland), who was also a resident Brit. The ad copy simply says, for example: 'Very Britt Ekland, very Sanderson.'

Ekland's ad is from around 1973. She had yet to appear as a Bond girl and would soon play Mary Goodnight in 'The Man With The Golden Gun', which was released in 1974. Other ads from this print campaign feature Ekland's fellow Bond girl, Diana Rigg, who was the only Mrs. Bond, Tracy Bond, in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' in 1969; the singer and actress Petula Clark; and famed British chef Robert Carrier.

The standard in 1970's home decor often entailed matching wallpaper with fabrics -- including curtains and sofa covers. Sanderson had enough clout to create a bold connection between its brand name and a person's ability to decorate his or her home to reflect a distinctive style.

If a home is 'very' someone -- but also very Sanderson in the same breath -- this indicates that Sanderson values (and can accommodate) each person's own unique design idea to the hilt. In the midst of the 'Me Decade', the idea of a brand being able to cater to one's individual taste had to have been a novel and appealing concept.

Which is why these Sanderson print ads are a strong time capsule. They capture not only for the look and feel of the 1970's, but also what Sanderson, as a company, perceived to be the underlying needs and desires of people in that era.

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