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Vintage Masters previews begin: Special rarity and more

Well, everybody has to do it to get into this frat, I guess.
Well, everybody has to do it to get into this frat, I guess.

The release of the most powered set in Magic Online history, Vintage Masters, is nigh, and like any proper Magic product it gets official previews on the mothership, starting today. First off, here's what Trick Jarrett has to say about special booster inserts:

Magic Online's upcoming expansion, Vintage Masters, introduces the Power Nine at a special rarity. So how often will you see one of the Power Nine in your booster pack?

To answer this, we need to start out by understanding the size and rarity distribution of Vintage Masters. Here's the breakdown by quantity at each rarity:

Special: 9
Mythic rare: 30
Rare: 105
Uncommon: 80
Common: 101

That's right, the Power Nine are so powerful and so format warping in Limited that we had to put them in their own rarity above mythic rare, a rarity we're calling Special.

Now here's the relationship between each of these:

In each booster pack you'll see:

10 common
3 uncommon
1 rare or mythic rare
1 premium foil card (any rarity, including the extremely rare premium foil Power Nine card); OR 1 Power Nine card
You will open a Power Nine card about once in 53 packs. A specific Power Nine card is about twice as rare as a specific mythic rare.

That's an oversimplification of what is a surprisingly complex system that goes way over my head. I think of it as Erik Lauer–level math, which far surpasses Trick Jarrett–level math. I'm just here to tell you about how awesome the set is and how awesome it will be to play with the Power Nine on Magic Online!

Meanwhile, the card image gallery has been put up, showing off not only the Power Nine and the original dual lands (you know, the broken, drawbackless ones with two basic land types each), as well as two cards from Conspiracy - Dack Fayden and Brego, King Eternal. Meanwhile, Ian Duke shows off an enabler for a classic red aggro deck in Developing Vintage Masters, while Mark Rosewater has one of the best black cards of all time to show off in Making Magic, as does Mike Flores. Those cards, of course, are Goblin Warchief, Yawgmoth's Will and Necropotence, ensuring already that this format is going to be very interesting.

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