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Vintage Masters: Possible new Lion's Eye Diamond art found

There's no way a new art for one of the most powerful cards of all time isn't portentous.

With everything going on in the way of Magic announcements at the beginning of this year, it's easy to forget about the promise of Magic Online's exclusive name-says-it-all Vintage Masters release. Months and months after the set was announced, we still have nothing in the way of spoilers, despite the fact that it's all-reprint. But thanks to some MTGO images that MTGSalvation Rumor Mill user PhanTom compiled, we may have confirmation on one crazy-strong mana generator - Lion's Eye Diamond.

Since the fixed-Lotus-that-wasn't is on the Reserved List, it absolutely cannot be for any paper-Magic products; Mark Rosewater has made it clear that although the List has been breached before on a couple of occasions, it never will again. The only conceivable place for it, with its new art brought in line with the Volkan Baga Mox artwork, is indeed Vintage Masters. Another new art of note on the list is for Geist of Saint Traft - though the Spirit Cleric is more of a Modern star than a Vintage one, he might see a reprint in the online-only product as well.

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