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Vintage-Inspired Jewelry from Ornamental Things

Unique necklaces from Ornamental Things!
Unique necklaces from Ornamental Things!

Looking for some unique new jewelry pieces to complement your look? Look no further than Texas-based jewelry brand Ornamental Things. For the upcoming fall/holiday season, Ornamental Things has designed some impressive pieces that will be sure to make heads turn. Of course these pieces are so versatile that they can be worn year round, and would make a great addition to any summer, fall, winter, or spring outfit!

The Ornamental Things Collections Include

  • Necklaces (long, short, and silhouette)
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Indie Girl Jewelry
  • Limited Edition Jewelry

All jewelry is beautifully hand-made and well priced. New Fall/Holiday designs include a handful of interesting necklaces priced at $58 and less.

Several Unique New Fall/Holiday Designs Include

Shop for your very own unique pieces at Free shipping to the US and Canada! For more inspirational and lovely things, check out the Ornamental Things Blog.

Ornamental Things is also sold in a number of retailers in and outside of the US. Visit the brand’s retailers page for a complete list.

About Ornamental Things

Founder and jewelry designer Natalie Tischler grew up in a small Texas town where she was constantly scouring garage sales for the coolest new finds. Natalie was always a daydreamer and sewed her very own clothes. She studied Art History at the University of Texas, and made jewelry simply as a hobby for twelve years before starting Ornamental Things in 2004.

Natalie is inspired by bohemian ideas, bold women, and living in the moment. Her jewelry will see a girl through her greatest adventures. She herself is on a jewelry journey, where she is constantly exploring themes and process.

Natalie’s design methods include collecting, casting, polishing, riveting, rethinking, and reworking objects. Her collections are complied of jewelry that is pretty, vintage-inspired, and very wearable.

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