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Vintage crimes: Old true crime cases

old crime cases
old crime cases

Who doesn't love to read up on vintage crimes, old crime cases or vintage true stories from the past? There is nothing better than thumbing through old newspapers at the local library on a Sunday afternoon.

The following is a collection of old true crime stories from the old days.

The Madge Oberholtzer Case: A beautiful school teacher is beaten by Ku Klux Klan member David Stephenson. Her dying declaration helped convict Stephenson. This case happened in the 1920's.

'Jazz Girl Murder case': In 1925, young Dorothy Ellingson was willing to do anything to go to a party, even killing her mother.

Stepmother Slams Baby To Death: Stepmother Colleen Parker was not a loving stepmother by any means, but who would have thought she could resort to murdering her innocent 2year-old stepdaughter Carolyn McMorris. The case went cold for decades. The two sisters finally brought the stepmother to justice. It happened in Texas in the 1950's.

Check back for more vintage crimes and old true crime cases from the past.

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