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Vinno: Happy-go-lucky pit, now in foster care, seeking family to make smile

Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue

Update June 2 Vinno was murdered by Greenville Animal Control. Click here for more info.

According to Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue, this beauty is ready to leave foster care and find a loving, forever home.

Foster parents are the backbone of the shelter. They work under the rescues, or the shelter, to care for a dog or cat until a rescue has room to take the animal in and match that dog or cat with the perfect home.

Unfortunately, the system can bottleneck, leaving fosters unable to help save more lives because they have as many animals in their care as can be handled comfortably. This is why it's important for fostered animals to be adopted.

Vinno has been in foster care for three months.

NAME: Vinno
ANIMAL ID: 21898905
BREED: pit
SEX: male
EST. AGE: 3 yr
Est Weight: 57 lbs
Health: appears healthy- hw pos ( has been treated for the heartworms)
Temperament: dog friendly, people friendly.

If you fall in love with this sweet baby, located in the Greenville, South Carolina area, please contact Greenville County Animal Care Services at Be sure to put the pets name and animal ID number in the subject line of your email.

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