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My last article was about one of the newest crazes that has hit the internet called SnapChat.
Now, something else has come to my attention lately, that's making the rounds of social media.
This latest phenomenon is something called Vine.

Now what is Vine? Well, in a nutshell, it's a social media site where users post short video clips, kinda
like YouTube, but the clips can only be 6 seconds. OK, one might say, "what use is showing a video
clip that lasts only 6 seconds?" That was my first inclination.

My daughter, of course, was the first one to send me a "Vine". As I watched it play over and over
until I hit the "Done" button, I was falling over laughing in hysterics. Believe it or not, that
silly little clip was not side splitting-ly funny, but by merely watching it play over and over, it
became more funny by the minute. Who knew?

Out of all the "Vines" that I have seen thus far, they have been humorous in nature, hence, I have not
seen a serious Vine, so I guess that they are supposed to be purposely funny. Like SnapChat, I have
not created an account, made, or sent any "Vines"...I just don't have that kind of time on my hands.

But one thing I will say for the Vines that I have seen...its unbelievable how creative some of their
creators are; coming up with something that if played over and over for a mere 6 seconds, that turns
out to be so hilarious that it can go viral. Amazing.

So, if you get this link via text messaging that just happens to have the word vine in it, now you have
any idea of what's it's gonna be about. What will they think of next.

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