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Vincent Walker & The Forgiven Experience prep to release new single, 'Heaven'

The single is currently impacting radio
The single is currently impacting radio

Vincent Walker & The Forgiven Experience will release their new single “Heaven” on Monday, June 30. The dynamic group of singers that offer a message of hope, faith, and forgiveness. Comprised of veteran singers the group aims to bring a fresh perspective to Gospel music with their forthcoming album, “Forgiven Soul”.

Vincent Walker is the founder and visionary behind “The Forgiven Experience” ensemble. Walker is renowned for his time with the nationally recognized Gospel recording group, Natalie Wilson & The SOP Chorale. Walker developed his vocal and production skills under the tutelage of producers Joe “Flip” Wilson, James Perry and Derrick Lee.

The lead single, “Heaven” is a high-energy up-tempo number that fuses elements of rock, jazz, soul, and good old Gospel music. Walker endeavors to invigorate believers with the single titled “Heaven” to remind listeners to focus on the promise of spending eternity in that aforesaid beautiful place for a life well lived.

“Heaven” is currently impacting radio and is available for pre-order on Amazon.