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Vincent D'Onofrio leaving


Photo date: 11 March 2007 Photo by Gary Gershoff -
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The actor Vincent D'Onofrio, who has played Det. Robert Goren on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," will be leaving the series soon. D'Onofrio states that he wants to pursue other opportunities in film and TV. He will leave the show in the opening of the ninth season.

"I have always been, and have always viewed myself, as a character actor, and the great opportunity that was presented to me...was successful beyond my wildest expectations," D'Onofrio states. He also added, "For all my loyal 'CI' fans, I wouldn't be surprised if Goren shows up from time to time."

So “CI” fans will be saying goodbye to Det. Robert Goren, but will be able to look forward to seeing D’Onofiro in other projects.

What are your thoughts?


  • Beth 5 years ago

    It won't be the same. Mr. D'Onofrio is a great actor and made Law and Order, CI.

  • Carey 5 years ago

    The second they cast Jeff I knew we were going to have to say good-bye to the character Vincent D'Onofrio/Robert Goren. I will not be watching when he leaves unless he comes back to do guess spots on the show. He made the show great, the dynamic between him and Kathryn Erbe is what made the show so wonderful and kept me tuning in every week. Vincent D'Onofrio made the character of Robert Goren lovable. Most people only saw him as a "know it all" and an egomaniac. I, much like so many people, saw him for what he was. A man, who might have known an awful lot of facts, who was trying to make himself alright with his life and how things were. I am going to cry like a newborn baby during his last episode. I only hope they make it a good one and send off Robert Goren the proper way.

  • BRANDON 5 years ago


  • heather 5 years ago

    Vent your spleen here at the Facebook or USAnetwork website.

  • Xeresa 5 years ago

    I think Dick Wolf should have stopped at his first lobotomy when he removed Chris Noth from the original Law and Order becayse he was*choke) too old to be sexy. His second lobotomy was removing Noth and many other original cast members from LOCI. But now he has destroyed his remaining brain cell by replacing the supern and charismatic Vincet D'Onofrio with that elongated,twitchy grasshopper,Jeff Goldblum.
    Vincent is LOCI and I will no longer watch the show by adding insult to injury by canning Katie Erbe.I look forward to Vincent's newest screen appearances,but I will also be mourning the loss of my beloved Bobby Goren!

  • Bev 5 years ago

    D'Onofrio should have gotten an Academy Award for Men In Black. So in My opinion, anything that makes him happy and/or shows his over the top talents works for me.

  • marg 5 years ago

    The only reason I watched C.I. was because of Vince, with his departure I will leave as well, should he make a guest appearance I will watch it but any episode without him is not worth the bother. Goldbloom with his nudge, nuge and wink style of acting grates on my nerves, 8 episodes of him was awfull, 16 would be pure torture. USA you really dropped the ball on this one,you could have paid them their much deserved raise and kept a great cast intact ( a cast by the way that made your network number one in cable) but you took the easy way out and you will reap the bitter benefits when the true fans of C.I. and Vincent and Kate leave your network in droves. C.I. without Vince is a no win situation. Shame on you for your short-sightedness and your incredible ingatitude.

  • dirty ol man 5 years ago

    why do we keep having people not thinking about fans when they decide to make chances that lead to cancellations.there is no art form in being stupid or greedy.don't you people that produces shows respect the talent plus in thier actors? exfan of anything that wolf-wolf is associated with for life!!

  • Tricia 5 years ago

    WHAT could USA be thinking?? CI will never make it without either of them, but especially Det. Goren (BRILLIANTLY created and portrayed by Vincent). Congratulations USA, you just managed to kill a Law and Order series (which is NOT easy to do) PLUS lose about 90% of your fans all in one day! You must be SO proud!!!! All because you want the stockholders to get bigger profits by taking money away from the actors? How will your stockholders feel when they have NO PROFITS AT ALL because USA tanked the show? Name ONE show that Goldblum has been on that actually worked...can you think of one? NOPE! You should give Vincent and Kathryn whatever money they ask for, THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY! And I'm willing to bet every CI fan out there feels the exact same way!

  • sirona7 5 years ago

    I've been a loyal fan of LOCI since the beginning and it's been a real pleasure to watch the excellent cast develop their characters over these many years. I think LOCI is more like LO:SVU than the original LO; the characters matter, the partnerships are central, how the partners play off each other is how they solve crimes. This relationship is integral to the storytelling. Eliminating the partnership of Goren and Eames would tear the heart and soul out of the LOCI for me.

  • Hannah 5 years ago

    VDO and KE are the heart of the show, they should be there when the last curtain falls. Once they're gone, I'm gone, too!

  • Val 5 years ago

    Vincent is so gracious but it seems clear that the reason he is going is that he has been encouraged out the door. The show cannot succeed without him. The audience will be so small that there will be no point in carrying on. I don't know anyone who will watch when he's gone.

  • June 5 years ago

    Too bad about this. I liked him

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