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Vince Lombardi’s tip for motivating your team and yourself

Motivation is the key to results.
Motivation is the key to results.
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Vince Lombardi is in the record books for winning the first two Super Bowls. Obviously such a feat required having a highly motivated team.

To be successful a team needs to share a common vision, be provided with the resources to achieve the vision and be constantly motivated toward success.

Most people understand this need for motivation but what they do not understand is that motivation is habit forming. Teams that are continuously successful have made winning an expected outcome and all that they do. In other words, it has become a habit.

Lombardi issues a strong caution about those who have established a habit of winning.

“Winning is a habit,” remarked Lombardi, “but so is losing.”

All team members should be charged with a challenge to continually motivate other team members with a positive attitude. It is helpful when a team member focuses on potential obstacles or barriers. The team needs to keep this information as the impetus for developing plan B and not as an excuse for diverting from those things necessary to win.

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