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Vin Diesel's penguin dance or not, dancing burns calories

Vin Diesel has the sexy deep voice, the rock hard muscles, the ability to intimidate other people in the room and is a pretty good actor. So let's just ignore his very ultra weirdo penguin dance, surfboard impersonation and hip switches at the camera while he grooved to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" and Beyonce's "Drunk in Love."

Actor Vin Diesel attends the premiere of Universal Pictures' 'Riddick' at the Mann Village Theatre on August 28, 2013 in Westwood, Calif
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Vin Diesel didn't have time to pull a Keenan Cahill and actually learn the words to the songs. He just bopped around, moved his lips and when all else failed, viewers got a few tongue flicks.

Everybody's not meant to be a dancer, but we've all stood in the middle of our living rooms, bedrooms and (the bravest ones in) dance classes rocking our hips and waving our hands to our favorite dance songs. The best part about dancing (outside of being a stress reliever) is dancing is an easy way to burn calories. And Vin Diesel can probably laugh the average American out of the gym so how about meeting him halfway? helps dancers track how many calories they've burned for certain dances (ballet, ballroom, belly, flamenco, hula, jazz, line, salsa, swing, tango, tap and waltz). And for those who are interested in more of today's music and modern dancing, those are two of Self's categories as well.

CDC guesstimates that a 154-pound person burns 330 calories per hour of dancing and 165 calories for every half hour. If a song is approximately four minutes and a CD can hold about 16 songs on average, that's about an hour and four minutes of dancing. Dial it down to 8 songs for a half hour of your best dance moves.

Whether you post it on YouTube or not, as long as you got the calorie burn that's what counts. In the meantime, what'd you think of "Riddick"?

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