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Villains for Ant-Man? Report suggest enemies for 2015 film!

The film hits theaters on July 17,2015
The film hits theaters on July 17,2015
Marvel Studios

While the upcoming Ant-Man movie has been surrounded in controversy due to the departure of director Edgar Wright, the movie is still pushing forward to its Summer 2015 release. The movie, now directed by Peyton Reed, will still feature both Scott Lang and Henry Pym in the film's story. While details on the plot are still unknown, there are reports circling about the Marvel film receiving villains to antagonize the Ant-Men.

While nothing is official, JoBlo was able to determine some rumors on who the villains could be featured in Ant-Man. According to the report, Ant-Man will have two villains. The first villain is Darren Cross. In the comics, Cross is a antagonist to Scott Lang. While Cross is known for having a monstrous stature, the report indicates that the Cross maybe using a suit like Ant-Man. The other villain is another Cross by the name of William Cross. This character is famous for becoming the supervillain known as Crossfire. Crossfire was a former CIA agent who uses his cybernetics to become a state of the art mercenary.

Now the first thing people may take away from this story is the fact that Ant-Man does have villains. You would not be wrong to think this. The tiny Avenger by no means have a rogues gallery as memorable as heroes like Spider-Man or Batman. However, seeing that this is superhero movie, it would feel off if there was not a antagonist for the film (though it would be different). In any case, while this story is not confirmed, it might be safe to say that there will be a villain for this upcoming Marvel film. The question is who could play these characters? As it stands, many people are suggesting that either Corey Stoll and Patrick Wilson may be the two Crosses (or just the villains of the film). This would make some sense. Both actors are well known and see either Wilson or Stoll could fit perfectly as the film's main villain. While it could be easy to see Wilson or Stoll playing the villains for Ant-Man, all of this is up in the air as nothing is confirmed.

Ant-Man features both Scott Lang and Hank Pym. Together, the two have to use Pym's shrinking technology to pull off a heist that could in fact save the world. The movies stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll and Patrick Wilson.

What do you think? Could Darren and William Cross be the villains to the film? Better yet, could either Corey Stoll and Patrick Wilson play the villain to the movie? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments below! Ant-Man enlarges on the big screen on July 17, 2015.