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Village Tea Company of Dallas: A place for moms and children seeking fun and relaxation

bryce gruber
Enjoy a moment of peace at the Village Tea Company in Dallas

Many moms quickly realize if they want to socialize with other mothers in a kid-friendly atmosphere that offers both food and fun, they are resigned to hitting up local fast food chains for play-dates. Moms know they have to deal with the sticky tables, the processed food and the loud environment in order to find a place where children can play and parents can chat.

Bid farewell to chain fast food for meet-ups with fellow moms and kids and say hello to Village Tea Company in Dallas.

Village Tea Company, located at the corner of Preston and Forrest, is the answer for all moms and children looking for a place to meet and mingle, sip tea and munch something other than deep-fried French fries. Set in a relaxing atmosphere that mimics a home environment, Village Tea Company offers not only a peaceful place for adults but is also home to a creative and fun space for their littlest guests. Children have their own nook in this cozy restaurant, filled with art easels, small tables, blocks, puzzles and more. The cafe also hosts sing-alongs, story times, and tea time ( tea made with unsweetened apple juice is served) for little ones to enjoy while mom and dad relax on one of the comfy couches or check their email using the free WiFi provided. Bryce Gruber, head of marketing and PR for Village Tea Company and mom to a one year old, wants D/FW moms to know about the kid scene at Village Tea Company. "We have a special area devoted to kids called The Little Village that's stocked with kids' toys, books, and activities.  We offer scheduled story times, sing-alongs, and other fun things." 

The environment of the Village Tea Company is simply a bonus when one takes a glimpse at the array of teas and other menu items offered by this Dallas store."Village Tea Company was designed to be a funky, modern take on a family-friendly cafe.  We serve the best quality teas, and do our best to make sure that all the menu items are very affordable.  Lunch and a pot of tea is usually under $7, and the atmosphere is like a high end spa." states Bryce. Patrons can stop by for lunch and dine on a turkey and Brie sandwich while children munch away at a "banatella", a sandwich made with Nutella and sliced bananas. Village Tea is also a great place to swing by for a cup of their famous sweet grace vanilla rooibos tea after a night on the town. Home to many "after-hours" events, such as poetry open mic night and live music, Village Tea Company is a great spot to unwind on the weekend.

Bid farewell to stale fast food and over-crowded play areas. Schedule your next mommy meet-up at Village Tea Company. Your sanity..and your taste buds...will thank-you.

The Village Tea Company is located at 11661 Preston Road, Suite 210, in Dallas. Store hours are Monday - Thursday 8:00am to 9:00pm, Friday - Saturday 8:00am to 11:00pm, and Sunday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

For more info: No time to stop in at the Village Tea Company for some tea? Brew their blends at home. Find Village Tea in your neighborhood Whole Foods Market.


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