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‘Vikings’ Season 3: Who will challenge Ragnar?

What's up for "Vikings" in Season 3?
What's up for "Vikings" in Season 3?
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For those following the History Channel’s original series “Vikings,” what do you think Season 3 will look like? Both Jarl Borg and King Horik are dead. Ragnar Lothbrook is now king. Life is good, right? But “Vikings” has been renewed for Season 3. Who will step up to be the next villain to challenge Ragnar?

There’s always King Ecbert of Wessex. The big problem there was King Horik. No more problem, so it’s time to go claim the land Ragnar was promised by the King, right? King Ecbert is kind of a shifty character, though. And don’t forget that his pet history priest Aethelstan has taken ship back to Kattegat to be with the Vikings who once made him a slave but later befriended him. He may not be so amenable to keeping his deal.

Sharing a few tidbits about King Ecbert and Season 3 is Executive Producer Michael Hirst. In a recent interview with Zap2It, Hirst gave some clues into the upcoming season which, sadly, doesn’t begin until February 2015.

"It's implicit in episode 2 of Season 2 that if he wanted to be, or if he's always meant to be, King Ecbert will be a very formidable foe to Ragnar," Hirst says. "He's a similarly intelligent guy and a strategist. We have to see how that works out because at the moment it seems like they have the same agenda, but do they have the same agenda?"

Might there be anybody else on the horizon to challenge Ragnar’s kingship? "There's going to be a new enemy on the home front," Hirst reveals. "Inevitably, once you become king, you become a target and someone will emerge rather quickly that is going to be a significant potential enemy of Ragnar's at home, threatening his kingdom."

It’s been rumored that Season 3 will be the year that Ragnar and the Kattegat Vikings board ship and sail to Europe. That's a sure bet to produce more intrigue and lots of action. . "We're building up to the big raid on Paris," Hirst said. He added, "It's not just a raid. It's also a siege. Obviously then, the King of France becomes a potentially important enemy.”

Season 2 of “Vikings” blew Season 1 out of the water. According to those connected with the show, Season 3 is going to blow both previous seasons away. How long is it to February 2015?

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