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‘Vikings’ season 2 finale: ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ episode

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Vikings” has reached its season finale, and “The Lord’s Prayer” episode has promised to give fans an exciting end. On Wednesday, the official Facebook page of the show revealed that there is a new battle brewing for the Vikings. Ragnar’s children are in danger, and someone will not survive on the show.

“The Lord’s Prayer” episode follows the return of King Horik and Ragnar to Kattegat after their meeting with King Ecbert’s army. Unfortunately, the trip has made their relationship worse, and King Horik seems determined to hurt Ragnar. He has been acting suspiciously, talking to Floki and focusing on Ragnar’s son Bjorn while plotting revenge.

Fans have suggested that King Horik is concerned about Ragnar’s growing power and influence over the Vikings, and he is angry about their ongoing disagreements. The show’s Facebook page suggests Ragnar’s children are in danger, so the king is targeting them as part of his plans. He has been talking with Siggy and Floki because he wants to use them to complete his missions.

Siggy easily betrays Ragnar by telling King Horik his greatest weakness is his children, and the king asks her to kill them. However, Floki is more difficult for the king to control, and it is not clear if he can convince him to kill Ragnar or Bjorn. If Siggy and Floki comply with King Horik’s requests, then it will be one of the biggest betrayals on the show.

Siggy’s hatred for Ragnar is difficult to hide because he killed her husband and caused her to lose her position of power. She is having affairs with King Horik and Rollo to regain her power, but this does not mean she will follow all of the king’s orders. On the other hand, Floki has a friendship with Ragnar, so a betrayal from him would be significant.

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