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‘Vikings’ season 2, episode 9 spoilers: Does King Horik kill Bjorn?

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Spoilers for episode 9 of “Vikings” reveal that there is a bloody battle looming at the end of the journey. On Wednesday, the official Facebook page for the show shared that the battle between the Vikings and Saxons may have an unexpected result. In addition, King Horik’s comments about Ragnar’s son, Bjorn, have raised the suspicions of fans about his plans.

In “The Choice” episode, the Vikings have finally reached the land of King Ecbert and falsely believe they will not have a difficult battle ahead of them. However, King Ecbert surprises them with a large army, and one of the popular Vikings on the show may lose his life. The producers are not sharing many details about the identity of this person, but Ragnar and King Horik are probably safe considering their importance in future episodes.

Ragnar and King Horik have been arguing about the best way to handle King Ecbert for several episodes, and their issues are still not resolved. Ragnar would prefer a more diplomatic approach while Horik wants revenge. King Horik makes an odd comment about Bjorn reminding him of Odin’s favorite son, and it has been suggested he may target him to force Ragnar to change him mind about Ecbert. An attack on Bjorn would entice Ragnar to seek his own revenge against the king while forgetting diplomacy even exists.

The bloody battle between the Vikings and King Ecbert forces both sides to reevaluate things and make changes. Will Lagertha survive the battle, or will she get seriously injured as has been suggested by some fans? Producers are not sharing any details about her future on “Vikings,” yet they believe she is one of the strongest female leads on television. She has become a fan favorite, so viewers hope she will make it through the battle.

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