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‘Vikings’ season 2, episode 8 spoilers: Boneless

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Episode 8 of “Vikings” follows an intense and bloody death ritual that left many fans in shock. On Tuesday, the official Facebook page for the show revealed Bjorn and Uncle Rollo will be traveling together. The death of Jarl Borg from the blood eagle ritual will not be the focus of the “Boneless” episode because the show is ready to move on to other issues.

In the next episode, Princess Aslaug has an important prophecy that comes true while King Horik and Ragnar Lothbrok have different opinions about their future plans. Since they receive help from Lagertha, who is a new Earl, they are able to sail for Wessex. However, the king and Ragnar will disagree on the purpose of the trip, and a new conflict may arise.

A video from the “Boneless” episode reveals the tension between Lagertha and Ragnar is increasing, and some fans would like to see them reunited. However, Ragnar is still married, and Lagertha seems to be enjoying her new freedom as an Earl. She may not be willing to accept another relationship for a while because it could jeopardize her power.

Borg’s death in the previous “Blood Eagle” episode has left fans wondering if the show is preparing for another bloody scene. However, the death ritual will not be repeated in the next episode, and the focus is shifting to the trip to Wessex. In addition, the death of Borg means another enemy is eliminated for King Horik, so he can direct his attention on getting revenge on King Ecbert.

“Vikings” fans will get the chance to see Rollo try to teach Bjorn to fight, and the skills he picks up will be valuable once they reach Wessex. Since Horik and Ragnar have different views on how they should proceed, the trip may have many unexpected twists.

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