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‘Vikings’ season 2, episode 7 spoilers: Blood Eagle

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Spoilers for episode 7 of “Vikings” reveal that Ragnar Lothbrok and King Horik will continue to disagree. On April 10, the official Facebook page of the show posted a photograph of Floki getting married to Helga in a traditional ceremony. The “Blood Eagle” episode promises viewers more shocking twists from the drama.

The fate of Jarl Borg is at the center of the next episode as both Ragnar and Horik struggle to find the right way to handle him. Borg has tried to fight the king in the past, and he was only stopped by his inability to defeat him. He is a dangerous man who continues to create a threat by his simple existence, but the “Blood Eagle” title of the episode may provide clues about his future. A blood eagle is a type of brutal execution that involves cutting a person’s ribs into the shape of wings and removing the lungs.

The wedding of Floki and Helga will give viewers the chance to see a Viking ceremony and admire Floki’s strategic use of eyeliner. Helga will arrive at the ceremony on a raft completely covered in flowers and a special chair. Fans of the show seem pleased with the marriage and have been waiting for the couple to finally tie the knot.

Meanwhile, King Aelle and King Ecbert have a meeting to make plans about dealing with the Vikings. Will the two kings form a new alliance that will threaten the invaders, force them out and accomplish their goal of killing Ragnar? External threats on “Vikings” are not the only problem, and personal issues must also be considered as the characters struggle. Some fans have suggested that Ragnar and Lagertha may be reunited in future episodes, and his ex-wife will agree to help him by becoming his ally.

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