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Vigo County school board holds first meeting of 2014

A Vigo County School Corporation sign that appeared last summer
Lara Landis

Vigo County School officials held an organizational meeting, a financial meeting, and the regular school board meeting Monday. Indiana law requires the first two meetings to be held at the beginning of each calendar year, and the regular meetings occur on the second and fourth Monday of every month.

Members chose to start the event with the organizational meeting. At the annual meeting, school board members select their officers. Paul Lockhart remains the president, Alpa Patel serves as Vice President, Tammy Pearson serves as secretary, and Patrick Sheehan serves as deputy secretary. Members of the school board also voted on which members to attend legislative sessions.

After the organizational meeting ended, the financial meeting began. Mrs. Wilson, an employee of VCSC, said the school earned over $94,000 interest in 2013.

After the financial meeting ended, the regular meeting began. The regular meeting's agenda contained few items, and the events of the previous week dominated the evening's discussion. Judy Lower praised Superintendent Tanoos for braving the dangerous weather last week. Tanoos checked the condition of the roads after winter storm Ion and the polar vortex that followed caused Vigo County schools to close for several days.

Even though students stayed home most of the week, Tanoos opened one canopy. He did this even though the Vigo County Commissioners and the Sheriff's Department suggested he keep it closed. Corporation officials closed the schools because of the icy roads and the sub-zero temperatures. Terre Haute and Vigo County students will make up the snow days at the end of the school year.

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