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Vigil held on anniversary of Travis Alexander's murder

Six years ago, 30-year-old Travis Alexander was brutally murdered in his own home by Jodi Ann Arias. Six years, and still no absolution. Arias' trial began in January 2013 and lasted into May, with the jury finding her guilty of premeditated murder. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach a decision as to whether she should be sentenced to die, or should be allowed to live out her remaining years in prison.

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Alexander supporters congregated at the Maricopa County Courthouse Wednesday evening to release balloons and hold a candlelight vigil in memory of Travis, who is described by his friends and family as a being a wonderful person, a humanitarian, and devout Mormon. He was employed by Prepaid Legal, now known as LegalShield, and also was a motivational speaker, telling others how he had come from a very meager beginning, to become a success. His brothers and sisters gathered at his grave in Riverside, California.

The events of June 4, 2008, as told by Arias, include her arriving at his home in the wee hours of the morning, then the two of them going to sleep, followed by 2 sexual encounters. After that, she claims he requested she take pictures of him in the shower, which led to a physical altercation, in which she shot him in self defense. Then the fog rolled in and she has no recollection of stabbing Travis 29 times and slitting his throat, before she drug him back into the shower stall, did a half-ass clean up job, and hightailed it to Utah. Flashbacks, she says, remind her of dropping the knife on the bathroom tile and screaming, of throwing the knife in a dumpster, and pitching the gun into the desert.

However, Jodi Arias has proven herself nothing but a liar, as this is her third version of June 4, 2008, previously telling police that she had no knowledge of the crime, then, when confronted with evidence of her presence, she told of masked intruders that busted in and killed him right in front of her, letting her run off. Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez repeatedly exposed during the trial how Jodi was still lying.

Looking forward, the trial is scheduled to resume in September, with a new jury tasked to decide the appropriate sentence for Jodi Arias. Many believe, due to the infamy this trial has reached, it will be near impossible to find an impartial jury. There also seems to be concern that people will claim to not have knowledge of the trial, just to be chosen for the jury. While most are in agreement as to what should come next, that's definitely not the right way to do it.

Will Jodi be sentenced to death for the murder of Travis Alexander, or will she spend the rest of her days in prison, working on the recycling and teaching she spoke of when she addressed the original jury? Either way, it's time for this to be finished. Travis deserves that.

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