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Viewing your auric field

Auric field
Auric field

Whether you believe in something called the human aura or not, most people would agree that people send out vibes to one another. Very simply put, these vibes are the same thing as the human energy field also known as the aura. Quantum physics has pretty much established the fact that each of us carry around our own personal aura containing our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Many times this is how we are "read "by psychics.

Healer and artist Susan Prout offers auric readings at Crescent Springs in downtown Overland Park. She has a resonant field sensor that can read your aura and pick up any imbalances in the field. She will discuss key items in your image and print out an extensive report for you.

Brochures are available at Crescent Springs, 7317 W. 80th Street. Susan can be reached at 816-377-3507.


  • Courtney Hartmann, Kansas City Relationships Exami 5 years ago

    I had my aura read in New Orleans, interesting ordeal. I would be interested in what Susan read as well.