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Viewing places in Toronto for your health

It is nice to take some time to enjoy the things in Toronto such as the parks, concerts, underground malls, and many other things. Visiting places around town and learning more about your town or city is good for your health. Try going with some co-workers or a friend and check out the city. Suggest to your work to have a city tour day. Maybe you will learn something about your city that you never knew before. It is a great way to get to know your fellow workers and a great conversation starter to talk about. Learning about the area you live in gives you a clearer understanding.

If someone who is not familiar with your area asks you questions about it, you may be able to explain it better to them. So take a look around, explore your town or city one day. You will feel much better and may have a clearer mind knowing what is out there.

Where can I go to visit?

There are lots of places to visit and they are both accessible by car and by bus and subway. The Rogers Center is good for baseball and football games. Cheer on our Toronto Blue Jays and Argo's! After visiting the Rogers Center take a walk over to St. Louis Bar and Grill for some wings and drinks. You can take a trip to some local parks in Toronto such as High Park and walk around the area, enjoying nature and the fresh air. Take the fairy over to the Toronto Island and rent a bike to ride around the island. Tour the small town on the island. Have a barbecue, enjoy the summer breeze. Try out a new restaurant once a month. There are great Caribbean restaurants and also Ethiopian restaurants among other restaurants. Try something new and exciting. Go to the CN Tower and do the edge walk. Be adventurous. In the west side of Toronto is the Exhibition grounds and this weekend is Caribbana. You can go see the parade on Saturday. There will be many nite clubs having after parties as well. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be boat cruises you can buy tickets for. They usually include a meal and dancing.

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