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Viewing and contemplating the lunar eclipse

Full moon shining brightly as the night begins
Full moon shining brightly as the night begins
Jack Brewer

The sun, earth and moon combined early this morning to offer sky-watchers in North America the opportunity to view a lunar eclipse. The celestial event was also visible in South America, Australia and parts of Asia, and included what has come to be known as a blood moon. Such an eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the shadow of the earth. 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' settled into a clear outdoor area to catch the show.

Blood moon as photographed early the morning of April 15
Photo courtesy of Tyler Kokjohn, Ph.D., used with permission

The bright full moon rose from the east and cast a far reaching blanket of light. The sight was rather intense in itself, even before the eclipse commenced, and one might have easily found them self considering the inspiration provided by our natural satellite to such musicians as Hank Williams and the band Pink Floyd.

The shadow of the earth began to be visible upon the lunar landscape about 2 a.m. EST. The shadow began growing from the left side of the moon and progressing towards the right. One might find wonder and awe transforming into fear and doubt, particularly if they roamed our planet in days of old, failing to understand an eclipse and what was unfolding before them. Superstitions related to the moon are apparently much more common than inspirations to create outstanding artwork.

The shadow worked its way across the moon as the morning progressed, and, at one point, when the shadow was about midway across, the yin and yang concept might have easily come to mind. By 3:30 a.m. the entire full moon, previously bright and glowing, had been transformed into a dark and red-tinted mass, seemingly in complete opposite to its form just hours earlier. It might not be entirely difficult to envision how one, perhaps viewing their environment more subjectively than not, could describe such a moon as creeping ominously and imminently across a sky.

Then, amid such contemplation, a startling rustle arose from the nearby brush. A raccoon, one of those masked scavengers of the night, had abandoned the safety of the trees to venture a look around. It seemed a frightening blood moon for some might be a welcomed cloak of darkness for others.

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