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Viewing an astrology chart - the round art basics

Does a round shape affect the subconscious?
Does a round shape affect the subconscious?
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Readers are much more sophisticated about astrology these days, yet the most common astrology oversimplifies. For this reason, astrology has lost some credibility. Human beings are complex; in-depth astrology always reflects a multifaceted individual.

A fully calculated astrology chart is what gives uniqueness to a personality. Very much unlike reading daily news astrology, when a birth chart is constructed, the all-around characteristics of a human being are explored.

The hieroglyphs are symbols seen within an astrology chart. What do they mean?

Astrology is an ancient art, and the original symbols are still used in contemporary horoscopes. Hieroglyphs are a type of shorthand that saves time, and space. With these shorthand symbols a lot of information makes its way to the wheel shaped form used by most astrologers.

Below is a brief rundown of what the planets actually signify in terms of personality. Hopefully this demonstrates some of the complexity covered in an authentic astrology reading. Whether the chart is simply exploring the personality of the subject, or calculating trends, the astrology chart is a basic necessity for truly understanding who a person is.

What the planets represent in the personality:

Sun - soul

Moon – emotions, intuition

Venus – love nature of female expression

Mars – motivation; love nature of male expression

Mercury – communication, intelligence

Jupiter – growth and expansion (prosperity)

Saturn – stability through experiential knowledge

Uranus – quixotic changes, genius, electricity

Neptune– spirituality

Pluto – subconscious

House placement – arc shaped wedges divided like a pie

The house divisions function as an underlayment or environment for showing placement distributed as per location of the planets at the moment of birth. Wedge shaped areas describe overall characteristics that are either feminine or masculine, as most people have attributes of both genders. More opposites are contained in this framework, too. Hot or cold, moist or dry, fertile or barren polarities – the list goes on. These are comparable to an underpainting that an artist applies to a canvas working from general to specific.

The houses represent basic areas of life

For example, if you are a Leo, and your Leo sun sign falls into the fourth house, you are more of a homebody than most Leos, because the fourth house represents home and family life. If the sun sign is placed in the seventh house, you are a relationship person. Because the seventh house is Libra’s home, this placement gives a tinge of the gentle Libra nature to a basic Leo archetype.

After all of the planets are placed on the wheel or the natal chart, the angles between the placements are calculated. If two planets are opposite each other, on the wheel, it is called an opposition. This means inner conflict that needs to be resolved. A triangle shape between signs is a smoother flow of energy adding ease to a person’s life.

Triplicities and Quadruplicities indicate elements describing a certain facet of personality – Fire, Air, Earth, Water are descriptions of personality facets. Fire signs are enthusiastic; air goes to communicative ability; water sensitivity, and earth indicates stability.The other consideration is a description of Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Cardinal shows administrative abilities. Fixed indicates someone who isn’t too flexible. Mutable indicates flexibility.

An astrology chart goes a long way toward understanding a human being as an unfolding, unique individual.


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