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Viewers will tire of the Real Frienemies of Atlanta

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The Real Housewives franchise has made Bravo one of the most popular cable networks on television. The Atlanta edition of the franchise took the show about affluent friends and frienemies to a new level. Season 6 was the most explosive season yet. Not only were the cat fights more vicious but there was also 2 instances of physical violence. The season 6 reunion was the highest rated show of any episode of any Housewives episodes from any franchise. One can assume viewership for season 7 will be even greater, but there is a chance the show will crash and burn.

Real Housewives of Atlanta was a better show in the past. There were several genuine friendships (Kim Zolciak was close with Sherie Whitfield, Kandi Buruss and NeNe. Also, NeNe had a genuine friendship with Cynthia Bailey). Starting with season 6 the show took a turn to the dark side. The fighting was dirty, vicious and cut deep. The hot mess guilty pleasure of watching the Atlanta peaches was gone. It was the same thing every week...NeNe and her giant ego berating the other women and Keyna Moore was wrongfully to blame for most of the fights. The New Jersey franchise was in the same position in season 4. Teresa Giudice said fans were telling her they stopped watching the show because it was too mean. Last season we saw the cast work through their issues to be in a better place, but the viewers did not come back. The producers of the Atlanta show would be wise to learn from the New Jersey producers' mistakes.

The Atlanta cast needs to be shaken up. It was rumored Porsha was on the chopping block after assaulting Kenya at the season 6 reunion. There was speculation that NeNe would be fired. NeNe infruiated Andy Cohen when she used the word queen to describe Kenya's friend Brandon. According to All Things Real Housewives Andy has had enough of her diva antics. It seems I will not get my wish. Straight from the A is reporting the entire cast is coming back for season 7.

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