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Viewers in uproar over Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial for 2014

It is Super Bowl 2014 which means it is time for great commercials, but some viewers are really upset by the Coca Cola commercial for this year. On Feb. 2, E! Online shared about how upset fans are about what they decided to do this year.

This commercial is set to the song "America The Beautiful." This is an amazing song, but during the commercial it is actually being sung in various different languages. Some people thought nothing of it, but others fans were going crazy. If you check out the Facebook post from Coca Cola you can hear how upset they are right now.

There are people so mad that they say they will never buy from this company again. They plan to boycott Coca Cola. Other people are okay with it and say it isn't the 60s anymore and that this is crazy. It is very obvious that way more than half of the people posting are upset. It will be interesting to see what Coca Cola has to say about it.

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