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Viewers blast “My Five Wives” for footage of dog on a chain

Williams family says dog in scene was not theirs
TLC press photo

The March 16, 2014 episode of “My Five Wives” on TLC at 9: p.m. CT was filmed around Thanksgiving time. There was snow on the ground and all of the Williams kids were bundled in heavy coats playing outside in snow. The camera crew panned around the area.

That’s when viewers spotted the dog that was chained to a dog house. He appeared to be alone and neglected as none of the Williams children were anywhere near the dog. Children usually flock to a family dog, or the dog is running and playing with them. Animal lovers took to social media to blast the Williams family over the mistreatment of the dog.

Some said they would no longer watch the show after witnessing such a heartless act of leaving a dog to fend for itself in the cold and snow. It seemed while some viewers totally missed the poor chained dog, others were quick to spot it and set up a protest.

A member of the Brady Williams family posted time after time on their Facebook page today, trying to clarify with the viewers about the dog that was seen on the episode:

“Thank you to all of you so concerned about the dog in the latest episode. That dog is NOT our dog. The camera crew took many (MANY) shots around this general vicinity and that was some footage they captured.”

The poster went on to state that the Williams family does have 4 dogs. Two stay in the house and two do stay outside, but they assured commenters that the outside dogs were brought in when it got cold. The poster for the Williams family stated that they are currently trying to see what can be done for the dog.

Viewers will probably be watching the next episode very carefully to see if they can spot any dogs running around inside the living quarters of the individual wives. It was not stated what kind of dogs the Williams have or which wife or children they belong to.

Tune into TLC on Sunday nights at 9: p.m. CT to watch “My Five Wives.” Several viewers will surely be watching to see if there is any update on the chained dog. You can also stop into the Williams family Facebook page or tweet to Brady.

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