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View of Chicago River calls to mind Seine River in Paris

The Seine under a vivid cloudy sky.
The Seine under a vivid cloudy sky.
Flickr: IPBrian

A happy set of circumstances found me awakening in Chicago one morning. Looking out at the Chicago River from an elevated hotel room is picture-postcard perfect. The river glitters in the sun by day, and the city lights by night. It cuts through the heart of downtown and provides a visual break in the concrete jungle. Bridges carry vehicles and pedestrians over the river and provide continuity to the street grid. One could be forgiven if comparisons were made to the Seine River of Paris.

Chicago River curves gracefully through the downtown business district
Flickr: Ian Freimuth

I have never visted Paris, unless you count Paris, Virginia. I have however seen pictures, including most recently at IKEA a 4X4 view of the Seine from above with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. The Seine cuts through the heart of the city, bridges carry traffic over the river and add their own artistic elements to the scene. Until I get to Paris and see for myself, the comparison to Chicago stands.

Enjoy the attached slideshow and judge for yourself.