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View of authority by members of the builder/traditionalist generation

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The builder / traditionalist generation has been referred to as the greatest generation because of their dedication to the American principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is demonstrated by their total commitment to freeing oppressed peoples during World War II.

They were not the first generation to demonstrate this honorable promise. As a generation was growing up they heard stories about their fathers and uncles who had made a similar sacrifice during World War I. They heard stories about great battles excellent commanders so they had great faith in military leaders. When a call came forth of the need to combat the oppression of Hitler’s Germany in the early formation of the Soviet Union they stepped up without hesitation.

Recalling the stories of their ancestors and a successful outcome of the First World War members of this generation had full faith in the lieutenants, majors, admirals, sergeants, platoon leaders and other authority figures under whom they served.

Because of this military experience builder generation developed a tremendous respect for loyalty to figures of authority. Long after the war was over generational members still continued to respect authority and patiently await command from their leaders.

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