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View of authority by Generation X

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By the time Generation X was formulating their view of authority the nation had ended the Vietnam conflict and television had canceled most of its military dramas. These two occurrences meant that the sons and daughters of the baby boomers would learn their view of authority in the classroom.

Rows of desks have been replaced in elementary schools with “workstations” at which students would learn through teamwork. Teachers would often give up their position at front of the classroom set these workstations or neo-by the students and discuss topics with them. The teacher’s goal was not to disseminate the subject matter to the students as it had become more important in the educational community cultivate an atmosphere where the students would figure the lessons out for themselves. The learning method engaged students more fully in the learning process with a specific subject matter.

However this teaching method did not establish the teacher as the authority figure.

Consequently members of Generation X are often unimpressed by authority. They will often question instructions as they approach things from a team spirit.

To effectively lead members of Generation X is important to not be offended by this questioning as it is not an attempt to overtake authority. The purpose of the questioning is only to fully understand the end goal in order to make sure that they can get to it as productively as possible.

From a series on generational cultures from Used by permission. For further information about generational cultures or other cultures visit their website.

This is excerpted from a series on generational cultures from For further information about generational cultures or other cultures visit their website.

©2014 Max Impact, used with permission.

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