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Vietnam has submitted a protest with China over maritime attacks

The tensions between Vietnam and China dealing with a Chinese oil rig in disputed waters off of the coast of Vietnam have been heating up. Vietnam has responded to this dangerous situation by lodging a protest with China over escalating maritime attacks reported on May 28, 2014. The Vietnam Foreign Ministry has summoned a representative of the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi in order to protest China’s aggressive acts against Vietnamese fishing boats in the East Sea.

Flag of Vietnam

The most recent incident involving the sinking of a 10-man Vietnamese fishing vessel by Chinese forces has pushed the patience of Hanoi to the limit. Ever since early May many Vietnamese fishing vessels have been both threatened and attacked by Chinese vessels. Property damage and injuries for the Vietnamese have resulted from the Chinese aggression. Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Mr. Le Hai Binh, has complained that the actions of the Chinese side has violated the sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of Vietnam in the East Sea.

China has illegally dispatched an oil rig along with a large fleet of armed vessels, military ships and aircraft, into Vietnamese waters reports The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam has alleged that Chinese forces have attacked, beaten and threatened the lives of Vietnamese fishermen. Earlier in May a Chinese ship is reported to have assaulted and robbed a Vietnamese fishing crew which was from the central province of Quang Ngai. The crew of 13 Vietnamese fishermen was attacked about 31 nautical miles from Tri Ton Island in the Paracel Archipelago.

Just prior to this incident another Vietnamese fishing boat from Quang Ngai was attacked by a Chinese ship just off the Paracels. A Chinese crew is reported to have brutally beaten the Vietnamese fisherman. The Chinese crew than stole and vandalized their navigational and fishing equipment. Vietnam is demanding that China cease its inhumane actions. Vietnam also wants those involved in the attacks punished along with compensation for the Vietnamese victims. The situation in the region at this time is reported to continue to be volatile.

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