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Vietnam blasts ‘muscled aggression' by China

The situation between Vietnam and China remains critically tense with a war between the two nations appearing possible. In response to Chinese aggression in the South China Sea the Vietnamese side has described the Chinese attacks on Vietnamese vessels as "muscled aggression" reported Vietnam News on May 29, 2014. This harsh response to Chinese aggression followed the recent sinking of Vietnamese trawler DNa 90152 from Da Nang City due to ramming by a Chinese ship coded 11209.

Vietnamese kids selling goods
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Vo Cong Chanh, who is chairman of the Hoang Sa district in Vietnam, has strongly condemned the aggressive attacks by Chinese vessels. Chanh says these actions threaten lives and and are blocking the traditional occupation of Vietnamese fishermen in Vietnam's sea. He has requested that China stop violating Vietnam's sovereignty. Chanh has also asked all Vietnamese fishermen in the city and along the whole Vietnamese coast to continue fishing in Vietnam's waters and to join in helping to protect the country's sea and islands.

Tran Van Linh, chairman of the Vietnamese Fishery Association, has denounced the attack as an unusually brutal, inhuman and aggressive action. He claims the Chinese vessel took an intentional act to slaughter the Vietnamese fishermen. Linh said the Vietnamese fishing boat was worth 5 billion Vietnamese dong, or about US$235,000. His association wants compensation from China for this loss.

Vietnam has alleged that China has attacked 4 ships in disputed waters in the South China Sea reports Voice of America. The tensions in the region have resulted from the placing of a controversial Chinese oil rig in disputed waters in the South China Sea. Vietnamese and Chinese boats have been clashing with each other since May 1 when China moved the oil rig to an area within what Hanoi has considered to be its exclusive economic zone. The situation is dangerous and apparently could spark off a catastrophic war between the two powerful communist nations.

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