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Viennie V brings on the heartbreak in 'How Could You' music video

Rising pop singer Viennie V premiered the music video for her new song "How Could You" on Wednesday (Jan. 15). In the vintage-styled clip, Viennie sings the heartbreaking ballad to an unfaithful lover.

Viennie V
Viennie V

Viennie V is known for her many music videos on YouTube. The Vietnamese-American singer made a splash in August with the grimy dance track "5 Alarm" and she is back with "How Could You." While the music video for "5 Alarm" was a steamy affair, Viennie dials things back for her latest clip.

On "How Could You," Viennie confronts a cheating lover with her broken heart. The pop ballad is full of sadness and she really cuts deep on the chorus. "How could you lie, lie to me?" she belts in disbelief. Viennie lets her guard down to deliver a beautifully vulnerable track.

She literally spells out her heartache in the music video for "How Could You." As Viennie sings the track, the lyrics come up in different places around a house. Her on-screen boyfriend seems oblivious to all the signs unfortunately.

Viennie V's single "How Could You" is now available on iTunes.

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