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Vie offers a Mother's Day menu for all ages

Choosing a restaurant for the whole family on Mother’s Day can be a difficult task. While it is perfectly fine to expand the palettes of kids and teenagers, we all know they will only go so far out of their comfort zone and recognizable flavors. At most places you can find a standard menu and a kid’s menu, but I have never seen one go to the next level and create a menu for that in between group of tweens and teens until I saw the Mother’s Day menu for Vie.

The menu features three distinct options, an adult menu, a teen menu and a children’s menu. The teenage menu fits nicely in the middle as it maintains a sophisticated flair while utilizing common flavors. At a lower cost, the adults in the family can rejoice over the fact that they are not paying an adult price for a teenage appetite.
Reservations are available from 2- 6:45 p.m.

The adult menu costs $55, the young adult menu costs $25 and those 11 and under pay their age.
Check out the menu here.

Vie is located on 4471 Lawn Avenue. Western Springs, IL. 60558


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