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Vidya Balan in Bikini for Maxim ? photo gallery

Vidya Balan bikini photo
Vidya Balan bikini photo

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is furious over her fake bikini picture on the cover of the March 2011 edition of Maxim magazine. The photo can be seen on the left side of this post.

First it was Sonakshi Sinha's fake bikini picture which was printed on the cover of Maxim and now its Vidya Balan's bikini picture. Click to see photo gallery.

Reacting very angrily on her fake bikini pictures surfacing all over the net, Vidya said she is going to take legal action on the people responsible for this.

“I will be taking proper legal action against the people who are responsible for this,” Vidya was quoted as saying.

Vidya is seen wearing a black bikini on the cover page of the magazine.

If the images which are being printed on a very popular men's magazine are fake, then why are these actresses quite, why are they allowing such things to happen ? for publicity ? Post your coments.