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VideoScribe: extraordinary presentation software

VideoScribe Screen Capture
VideoScribe Screen Capture
Mark Taormino

We have all seen enough boring PowerPoint presentations to know that maintaining the interest of the student is challenging. While PowerPoint presentations can be somewhat appealing, it is nothing compared to a new tool in the marketplace called VideoScribe. VideoScribe is a new generation of presentation software where it appears as if one is writing on a whiteboard, hence the term scribe. Videoscribe is from a UK based company called Sparkol.

It is difficult to explain just how inventive and creative this software is, so the best route is to view a video. Here is an example of a presentation created using VideoScribe. It is much more engaging than a PowerPoint could ever be. Engaging the learner is a key to delivering effective instruction, and scribe tools offer another way to keep learners eyes and ears focused on the task at hand. VideoScribe is not an expensive tool, and is not difficult to learn. For any educator that is looking for a way to create visually appealing content, this tool is a must have.

The visual of writing real time on a white board, graphics, pictures, music, and audio narration can all be integrated into a single video presentation. Different ‘hands’ are available to simulate writing on a board, and the speed of the writing can be customized to keep things moving quickly, or not. Graphics can be included, including morphing images. One can import pictures and the scribe with translate them into a drawing. It is visually stunning and has to be seen. Many companies are using this software for marketing. Educators should be using VideoScribe as a video tool that can transfer knowledge in a way that is interesting and fun. The most dry and boring subject matter can presented to hold the learners interest. The limit is only ones imagination and creativity.

The cost of the software varies depending on the type of user. A single user license for an educator is only 39 British Pounds, which at current exchange rates is about $65US for a one year subscription. US users can pay through a PayPal account. The price is a steal for the utility the software can offer.

Educators are using this tool at all levels of education from primary school through College. Likely, you will be hooked after seeing what this tool can be used for as an instructional tool. Breathe new life into presentations and toss the old PowerPoints! The future belongs to the innovators, and Sparkol has certainly moved the needle of innovative presentation software. There is a free 7 day trial to just examine the software and decide if this is something worth integrating into curriculum. No doubt you will be captivated as many fellow educators have.

As a college level educator, VideoScribe presentations have greatly increased the level of cognitive engagement over the old PowerPoints. Students watch the presentations with great enthusiasm and interest. The attention level of students has increased by leaps and bounds.

Be sure to share your comments with others, and even share links to how you use this tool. Happy scribing!

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