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Videos of people talking about Jim Morrison

The Jim Morrison documentary “Before The End” was supposed to be released this month, but because of the success of their Kickstarter campaign producers Jeff and Jess Finn have expanded the focus of the film to include the whole of Morrison’s life. In the meantime, they have released some of the interviews with Morrison’s friends in longer segments. Below you will find links to interviews with Jeff Morehouse (parts 1 and 2), Liz Buckner, and Dick Blackburn. Each provides a different perspective of Jim Morrison from each observer’s vantage point.

Jeff Morehouse - Most views of the people we know are like viewing a single frame of a movie, a still that we see and think we know a person, but Jeff Morehouse had a view of Jim Morrison that more reflects the movie of a life passing before us (The Doors only come in at the end of Jim Morrison’s life). Morehouse’s father was also a naval aviator and shared postings with Morrison’s father at a couple of formative moments in a young Jim Morrison’s life. Jeff Morehouse first met Jim Morrison when they were in kindergarten and quickly became friends. As Navy assignments changed and chance threw the Morrison’s and the Morehouse’s together again as Jim and Jeff entered junior high.

Liz Buckner - Provides a view of Jim Morrison as a college friend and knew him more socially than as a fellow student. Buckner provides her view of Morrison’s story of the childhood accident in which he thought the soul of a dead Indian may have entered his soul. Buckner also relates the tale of being at a party with Morrison that may be inspiration behind the lines of poetry Morrison added to “The End” at the Hollywood Bowl, that starts “have you seen the accident outside…”. Watch Liz Buckner’s interview.

Dick Blackburn - For the view of Jim Morrison as a UCLA film student Dick Blackburn provides a view of Jim Morrison as a fellow student. Blackburn also provides insight into other students that were around, including the elusive Felix Venable. You can watch Blackburn’s video above this article.

If you want more information on or want to keep up with the progress of the film visit Before The End on Facebook.

Friends Gathered Together - Frank Lisicandro had a book signing at Book Soup in Los Angeles on May 31 and had a question and answer period that was recorded and is available on the visions and wonder channel on Youtube. The fifteen minute Q & A session has been broken into three videos part 1 and part 2 are available to watch. Part 3?

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