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Videos are worth a thousand words

Being able to relay a recipe and have it followed exactly sometimes makes for a ‘lack of communication moment’. Ingredients are missed, cook times might be wrong, proper techniques may be misinterpreted, but with video you can pause and replay till you get it right.

These videos are straight forward, detailed and tell you everything you need to know about what cuts of meat are the best, how to cook the meat, side dishes you can make, and just about anything else needed to create a wonderful meal.

We go from steaks, to pork, to fish, to kebobs and finish off with grilled veggies.

For steaks, this video will tell you about each cut of meat and where it comes from on the cow:

Steak – Everything you need to know

The BBQ Pit boys check in here with a grilled pork chop recipe and instructions that will make your guests beg for more:

Pork Chops on the grill

Grilled Fish can be done if tin foil packets, stuffed or even grilled on cedar planks. Guess which one you get here:

Grilled Fish

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! This video will get you to your goal of the perfect grilled chicken wing:

Chicken Wings

Kebobs on the grill can be done in numerous ways with numerous components:


And for those of you that feel meat is murder, here is video of grilled vegetables:

Grilled Veggies

Not a long article this month, but a very informative one with help of some friends on the internet. Videos are one of the best ways to ensure you are using the right ingredients while doing it right .

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and don’t forget your bib.

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