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(video) Woman fights PTSD with songs about G O D

Contemporary Christian recording artist, Shenica Renee Graham was Born October 14, 1977 in Long Beach, CA. She battles P.T.S.D. resulting from childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. As early as 1985, Shenica began writing poetry and various manuscripts to release her pain in a non-violent manner. Her first national award was won for a poem she wrote about her parents in a fourth-grade competition. In the eighties, she competed in the America’s Kids and Teens pageant and was voted, “Most Potential.” This was the spark of her would-be music career. Preparing for the talent competition, Shenica chose a song that was “too mature” – according to her mother. Not allowed to sing in the competition, she performed an oration. The pageant director commented, “You should sing. I can hear it in your voice.”

Shenica Graham
Courtesy of RAHP / Earleen Ashby

By her teenage years, Shenica had moved to Kansas with her mother and infant brother. Deep in depression, she suffered from panic attacks and anorexia throughout high school. Upon graduation in 1995, she could receive few accolades since chronic absence left her struggling academically. However, her peers and teachers had seen her true self beyond the obvious dysfunction. In a final award ceremony for the graduating class, Shenica was honored with the “Harriet Tubman Award.” She was called, the “Black Moses of Her Generation.”

Over a decade later, Shenica shared her testimony of how God had revealed once again that she was called according to His purpose (view the video at

Shenica is reviving her music endavors and taking the digital music industry by storm. After less than one week on the the Wichita Pop Music chart at, Shenica is gaining ground and currently ranks number two!  Building on this momentum, she is now composing a tour lineup and looking for venues across the US. Whether you want to host a concert performance, or a speaker event, she is an excellent presenter with a powerful testimony and an awesome voice!

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