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Bear walking upright in New Jersey: Is video of bear walking like a man a hoax?

The story of a bear walking upright is igniting the Internet but some are asking if it is all a hoax, reported Thursday. The consensus among experts who looked at the video is that the it is real and that the black bear may be walking upright because it is injured.

The man who posted the YouTube, Ian Bohman, video included the caption: “This bear was seen at 5:50am on 8/4/14 in Jefferson Township, NJ.” The bear checked out the trash around the home, as bears often do when the encroach on human territory, then tiptoed to the house and eventually hung out by the shed near the house.

A lot of folks are wondering if the video is just of a person in a bear suit. But many people in the area have said that they also saw the same bear in the area that morning.

“Although bears are known to walk on their back legs, Mr Bohman suspects that the bear he saw was forced to move that way because of an injury,” The Daily Mail reported. Wildlife authorities told that the bear is real and injured and should be left alone.

“The black bear has an injury to both front legs, including its paws and possibly an elbow," Tracy Leaver, the executive director of the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge told the paper.

Black bear biologist with the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, Kelcey Burguess, said the bear most likely "got hit by a car."

Burguess added that the bear will likely make a full recovery. "He's exhibiting signs of healing and becoming more mobile. He's going to be just fine,"Burguess said.

New Jersey wildlife officials say they will let the bear heal on its own and will not try to capture it or interfere with his natural healing process. Despite what wildlife experts have said, many still think the video of the bear walking upright is an Internet hoax. What do you think? Leave you comments below.

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