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Video - rescued puppy saves new guardians

According to Wednesday's CBS Detroit News, a puppy who was adopted from the Michigan Humane Society just two weeks ago in Sterling Heights, Mich., quickly returned the favor to his new guardians by saving their lives.

Though just three-months of age, the husky mix pup, named "Hunter," not only detected something deadly in his new home, but he did everything in his power to make sure that his guardians were aware of the danger.

Hunter's new mom, Jill McLarty, described her pup's heroics on the night of March 5 - the night when she and her husband could have easily died while sleeping.

Hunter woke McLarty up around midnight - her initial thought was that the pup needed to go outside for a potty break. Hunter let her know that was not his goal - he simply sad down and whined.

Confused, McLarty brought the pup back inside to their bedroom, where he proceeded to circle and whine in an effort to get his guardian's attention again - eventually, Hunter successfully lured Jill down the hallway to the kitchen where he sat down in front of the stove.

As the lights were turned on, the proverbial "light" came on for Hunter's guardian when she saw that one of the burners had been left on, though there was no flame. For an estimated six hours of time, gas had been leaking into the kitchen and beyond.

After the gas was turned off and the danger was gone, Hunter was happy to lay back down and go to sleep.

Jill's husband, Tim, spoke of Hunter's heroics, stating:

He is the first dog we ever adopted (from MHS) and I would recommend it to anybody,

And as cliché as it sounds, the life you save may save yours.”

Hunter was adopted from the Michigan Humane Society - click here to find them on Facebook.

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