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Video + Q&A- Denver’s Lowdown Brewery & Kitchen

We head inside Denver’s newest brewery, Lowdown Brewery & Kitchen. When it comes to the menu, the guys behind the operations say health is paramount. Which is why you won’t find any fried foods to accompany that craft beer. We catch up with co-founder Scott O’Hearn.

Video + Q&A- Denver’s Lowdown Brewery & Kitchen

Q: How did the idea for Lowdown Brewery & Kitchen come to be?

A: I’ve always had a strong desire to open up a small neighborhood brewpub, but the timing never seemed to be right. After 20+ years of professional brewing, I finally met someone with a similar vision ready to pull the trigger.

Q: What Makes LBK different than other spots in town?

A: Our brewing experience certainly sets us apart from other breweries and brewpubs, but our biggest differentiator is the simple fact that we have a kitchen offering a fresh menu with healthier options. We are constantly shopping for local and organic ingredients to incorporate into our dishes and nothing is ever fried. I really enjoy going out to local brewpubs, but I usually leave feeling either hungry or weighed down from all the wings, burgers and fries.

Q: What is the biggest challenge of owning a business? And biggest reward?

The biggest challenge is trying to wear all the different hats that come with being an owner. The biggest reward is when a customer comes up to you raving about the beer, food, vibe, etc..

Q:What do you most love about Colorado?

I love the fact that I can ride the powder in the morning and play tennis in the afternoon all in the same day!

Q: What is something readers would be surprised to know about you or your business?

A: Phil and I built all of the tables for LBK in my garage.

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