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Video presentation: "A New Civilization Dawns"

A photograph of the  "star-like luminary" UFO seen worldwide since December 2008
A photograph of the "star-like luminary" UFO seen worldwide since December 2008

Unusual spacecraft have been spotted in our skies and documented for many decades. Crop circles, with their magnificent beauty and intricate designs, have baffled scientists, artists, and mathematicians. Since December 2008, reports have come forth from around the globe of a mysterious star-like phenomenon appearing in the sky, moving, changing colors and shapes.

You can be sure something extraordinary is afoot...

Come to a special video presentation of Benjamin Creme's 2010 lecture in Tokyo, Japan. Creme, Scottish author, painter and Editor in Chief of Share International magazine, discusses the underlying social/economic ethos which has reached its conclusion in the chaos of individual desire which drives our culture today. However, he points to the first steps in an enormous enlightenment, which will enable humanity to build a new civilization, and discusses the revelations (spiritual but not necessarily religious) which will change our understanding of who we are, our purpose in living, and our entire way of relating to each other.

"A New Civilization Dawns"
7:30 pm - Saturday, October 23, 2010
Half Price Books (in the Community Room)
5803 E. NW Highway, Dallas, 75231

(Free admission)

Hosted by Share International Network (Dallas) • 866-794-4490


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