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Video: Officer brutally attacks war vet, charges follow

Since 2009, one Philidelphia police officer that has been investigated by internal affairs over a dozen times, has now found himself suspended after being charged this week with false imprisonment and other counts related to a March 2013 incident caught on film.

PA Police

Officer Kevin Corcoran, 33, is facing multiple charges from an altercation last spring in downtown Philly in which he handcuffed a local man, hauled him into his SUV and drove him around the city for roughly 16 minutes before releasing him without charge. Thanks to handheld video technology, eyewitnesses were able to record the entire incident.

After turning himself in to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs unit, Corcoran was charged with unlawful restraint, false imprisonment and official oppression — all misdemeanors. This was the result of a year-long investigation by the city’s DA’s office regarding the officer’s handling of an incident between an Iraq War veteran and Corcoran which occurred at around 2 a.m. last March 31.

The incident began when a group of people standing on a city street corner made comments directed to Corcoran regarding his driving. According to the officer, this provoked him to exit his vehicle, approach one of the individuals, and resulted in him unlawfully detaining them.

According to the official statement, Corcoran first slapped the cellphone out of the hands of one of the witnesses before approaching the war vet victim, Roderick King, then yelled “Don’t fu**ing touch me” at the man as he inched closer.

“Corcoran continued to walk toward the young man who was backing up with his hands out in front of him making no contact with the officer,” the statement reads. “Corcoran then pushed the young man, grabbed him by the chest, threw him against the side of his police vehicle, handcuffed him and threw him into the back of his vehicle.”

“Corcoran then sped off with the victim in the back seat,” the statement continues.

The altercation brought about a $1 million lawsuit by Roderick King against the city, which initially accused Corcoran of unlawful search and seizure, assault and battery and multiple violations of constitutional rights. After being placed on a lengthy desk duty so an investigation of the incident could take place, Corcoran was ultimately charged with the crimes by the very city he worked for.

This incident with the Iraq war veteran is just one of a series of abuse of power perpetrated on civilians by Corcoran. Of those previous incidences discovered, one of the most extreme of the alleged issues was as stated:

“Previously, Corcoran was sued in US District Court for allegedly entering a home on 1630 S. Taney Street without a warrant in Nov. 2008 and beating up a resident, leaving the man with two broken vertebrae, a broken nose and a broken eye socket,” King’s attorney wrote. One year later, he was again sued in federal court, this time “for the Nov. 2009 beating of a South Philadelphia man who Corcoran and another officer ‘kicked, stomped, beat, punched and otherwise assaulted’ leaving the man with broken bones and requiring stitches.”

Two other civil lawsuits against Corcoran have also been filed since 2009, but were settled for an undisclosed amount a year later before trial. According to the local Fox station in Philly, counsel for King believes the charges brought Wednesday may never have materialized if it was not captured by eyewitnesses. King, a US Air Force veteran, left Pennsylvania following the events of last March, his attorneys said.

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