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Video of two cows going to the slaughterhouse goes viral

TORONTO - A new video from the animal advocacy group, Toronto Pig Save (TPS), was recently uploaded to their YouTube channel. An animal activist, captured a minute and a half video of a truck with cows outside the "St. Helen's Meat Packers" slaughterhouse in Toronto. In the video, the camera manages to capture the face of a very fearful and docile cow with a protruding eye.

Picture of the cow looking out through a hole from the transport truck
Anita Krajnc

Anita Krajnc, co-founder of TPS, explains that it is very sad the way the cows wait for their death.

“It was the saddest sight to see...a gentle and sweet cow with an injured eye. His cow friend nuzzled him affectionately, and both sniffed us.”

It is not strange that the cows interacted with the animal advocates. Through many different studies, cows have proven that they have similar traits as humans. In 2010, animal behavior expert, Jonathan Balcombe, a Ph.D. scientist and animal advocate wrote for the site Psychology Today an article about the intelligence of cows.

“By expanding our awareness of animals' feelings, we are gradually being forced to acknowledge that a new relationship to them is needed.” Dr. Balcombe.

In a study conducted by TIME magazine, it was determined “Cows are capable of feeling strong emotions such as pain, pain, fear and even anxiety.” The video taken by TPS captures the pain of the cow’s eye, the fear and the stress that he or she shares with her fellow bovine friend and even with the humans.

Susie Coston, National Shelter Director at Farm Sanctuary, made the following comment about the cow with the protruding eye:

"Most likely cancer- tumor behind the eye pushing it out. On top of that, it could also be infected. It looks horribly painful. Not unusual. Many [cows] have the Bovine Leukemia virus, which can react like this. Mycoplasma of the eye can look like that, but the protrusion makes me think there is a tumor behind the eye. Could be both. Extremely sad."

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