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Video of man carrying a dead deer on a bicycle a YouTube hit

A bizarre video of a man, bicycle and dead whitetail deer is a YouTube hit, stats showed Tuesday, Dec. 4.

Dave Moraska pedals through Iron Mountain, Mich., with a deer on his back.
Jason Asselin

Shot by citizen journalist, Jason Asselin, the clip features Dave Moraska, of Iron Mountain, Mich., hauling a recently killed whitetail deer to a local butcher shop-- on his back while riding a bicycle.

Although not as famous as Iron Mountain's favorite sons, Steve Mariucci and Tom Izzo, Moraska, 58, is a local celebrity of sorts. He can often been seen walking through the streets with a utility pole strapped across his back. That he does to improve his strength.

Why he chose to replace the pole with a deer and add a bike to the equation isn't known, especially for a 2-mile trip on a snowy road.

Just as when he caught Moraska's pole-hauling walks on video, Asselin didn't ask too many questions. His goal was to get a quality clip for YouTube.

Since Friday, the video, "Man Rides Bike with a Deer," has logged about 10,100 views. While that total is certainly a far cry from viral videos that have seen a million hits within hours, Asselin has already been contacted by news agencies across the country for permission to use the strange footage.

For those who question the validity of the video, Asselin can attest the deer, the bike and the man behind the stunt are real.

"I keep seeing comments posted by people who think this is either a fake or stuffed deer," Asselin said via Facebook. "At the end, the butcher is chopping (the) deer in half. It isn't fake."

While Moraska has been seen carrying a deer while riding a bicycle in the past, this is the first time someone has caught one of his trips on video.

Iron Mountain is approximately 100 miles north of Green Bay, Wisc., in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The Michigan whitetail deer firearm season is Nov. 15 to Nov. 30. Hunters are permitted to take whitetails beyond November with bows and arrows and black powder rifles.

How Moraska bagged the antler-less deer seen in the video isn't known.



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